New Rose Bush Varieties

Available in nearly any color desired, roses are prized in the home landscape. The bushes add greenery to the yard, while the blossoms share both their beauty and their fragrance. New varieties are introduced each year. Many of these newer roses offer more disease resistance or longer-lasting blooms when compared to older hybrids and heirloom roses.

Easy Does It Rose

A floribunda rose variety, the Easy Does It rose won the 2010 All-American Rose Selections top honor. This large flowering rose produces orange, peach and pink blossoms on full, bushy plants. Flowers grow in clusters, providing punches of both color and fragrance to the landscape. This rose offers resistance to many common rose diseases in the garden while providing long-lasting color.

Home Run Rose

Home Run roses have resistance to two common rose diseases---black spot and powdery mildew---making these plants a good choice for damp, cool climates. It produces deep red blossoms on nicely mounded bushes, making it suitable for both landscape and pot plantings. It blooms twice each season, with a month break between flowering cycles.

Carefree Celebration Rose

If you need a large bush, Carefree Celebration roses reach both a height and spread of 4 feet. Each flower is 2 inches to 3 inches in diameter, with at least 15 petals. It blooms throughout summer, providing a steady supply of orange-pink blossoms. The glossy foliage turns reddish-bronze at maturity, adding an attractive touch to the landscape. These roses are extremely hardy and offer disease resistance, particularly to mildew problems.

Pink Promise Rose

Pink Promise is a sophisticated pink rose that produces 5-inch-diameter flowers atop long stems. A hybrid tea rose, the Pink Promise produces a heady fragrance that makes it a desirable planting near outdoor-living areas. It grows well in warm and cool climates, offering mildew resistance even in damp areas. The foliage is deep matte green, providing a good contrast to the delicate pale pink petals.

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