Autumn Sachet Recipe

Dried flowers, herbs and spices provide the gentle fragrance for sachets. Made from breathable fabric bags, sachets add their aroma to closets, drawers and anywhere else you crave their scent. Using season-appropriate flowers and spices brings the scents of autumn indoors, where you can enjoy them regardless of the weather outside.

Flowers and Fruits

Dried flowers serve a dual purpose in sachets. The flowers provide fragrance and also lend beauty to sachets covered in see-through tulle or netting. Any flower with a strong fragrance that survives the drying process works well in a sachet. Roses hold their fragrance well, but may be too summery unless combined with other scents. Dried orange peels, spruce needles and apple slices on their own are more reminiscent of winter. Combined with the lighter fragrance of rose and other flowers, these materials produce a scent similar to warm pies made after an autumn harvest.

Essential Oils and Spices

Use whole spices instead of ground versions in sachets, since ground spices tend to leak. Cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg all bring to mind autumn scents and flavors. Essential oils provide longer lasting scents than spices in the sachet, and there is no worry about them leaking. Use oils in addition to spices or on their own. Only a drop of an oil is necessary, since their fragrances are so strong. When choosing spices and oils, look to the autumn kitchen for inspirations. Pumpkin pies, baked apples and other harvest delights all use spice combinations that work well in sachets.

Sachet Casing

Sachets can be simple or ornate, depending on the final purpose for them. Loosely woven fabric or tulle netting provides a suitable container for the dried flowers and spices. Choose fabric colors that match the fragrance of the sachet. Deep orange, rust reds and browns work well with autumn-inspired scents. Place the sachet ingredients on top of a square of fabric, then gather the edges to form a packet and tie it closed with coordinated ribbon. You can also sew small bags or pillows and stuff them with your sachet ingredients.

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