Uses for Dried Apple Slices

According to the Apple Products Research and Education Council, apple producers processed dried apples from 7 percent of the 2007 U.S. apple crop. Some of these become dried apple slices. Slices appeal to consumers for different reasons because of the versatile uses. For example, nutrition is one aspect of their popularity, as dried apples offer the same wholesome nutrition of fresh apples but are more easily stored. In addition, dried apples serve in various functions around the home.


Make dried apple slice crafts at home by drying your own apples in your oven. Slice your apples according to craft directions of whatever project you are working on. Soak them in lemon juice, then roll them in preferred spices. Bake your spiced apple slices at a low temperature for six hours to dry them. Create things such as wreaths, napkin rings and garlands with the dried apples. Decorate canisters, clocks or anything else you would like to create where dried apple slices might enhance the look.


Choose dried apples for a healthy snack. Dried apples contribute a main ingredient to some dried fruit trail mixes. Make your own healthy dried apple slices, rings and chips. Dry the apples in the oven or with a food dehydrator. Use dried apple slices for baking apple crisps, tarts and other baked goods that call for apples. Dried apples are low in fat and sugar, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet.


Create attractive decor for your home. Add to the warmth and scent of an apple-themed kitchen by placing dried apple slices on a platter with candles for a country style centerpiece. String slices together, joining the strings at the end to form a circle for an instant mini-apple wreath to hang on a cabinet. For an interesting focal point on a buffet, fill assorted-sized glass jars with dried apple slices. Add other dried fruit with them for color contrast. Tie a larger apple slice to a dining room chandelier chain for an unusual light pull.


Fill your home with a delicious aroma by making homemade potpourri with apple slices. Add other ingredients to the potpourri as desired. A generous addition of the apple slices, along with cinnamon, smells wonderful, reminding one perhaps of fresh baked apple pie. Place all ingredients in a closed tin for a few days, shaking it frequently to combine the contents and scents. Once the desired scent is obtained, place in shallow bowls around your home. Refill the bowls from the closed container as necessary to refresh the scent.

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