How to Make a Cascade Red Rose Bouquet


Flower bouquets are an integral part of occasions such as weddings, graduations and celebrations. Cascading bouquets are a style most often used in weddings, and provide a beautiful arrangement that spills colorfully over the bouquet stems and hands. Roses are an elegant addition to a cascading bouquet, providing a romantic and lush accent. You can make a cascading bouquet on your own with some simple materials and careful arrangement.

Step 1

Cut off the bottom 1 inch of the rose stems and greenery carefully at an angle. Keep them in a bucket filled with water to stay hydrated.

Step 2

Wrap the foam holder in ribbons and pin the ribbons down to secure them. If desired, leave trailing pieces hanging down. Cover all sides of the foam.

Step 3

Insert the greenery into the foam, positioning it around the edges to act as the surrounding foliage. Position some long pieces in the front of the foam so they can fall and spill over into a cascading shape. For longer cascades, use the longest greenery pieces you have.

Step 4

Remove the roses from the water and cut to varying lengths, with longer roses in the bottom front area of the foam to cascade downward (so the stems are inserted into the foam pointing toward the ceiling) and shorter ones in the front, top and sides.

Step 5

Position the cascading roses to create a feeling of flow. For example, add a 5-inch stem with the flower pointing toward the floor, then a 7-inch stem behind that and a 12-inch stem behind that. Position all the roses to your liking; it may take a while to create a cohesive flow.

Step 6

Insert filler and greens into the foam in any bare places or spots you feel would benefit. You want the foam to be completely covered by ribbon, greenery and roses.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam bouquet holder
  • Red roses
  • Greenery and filler
  • Water-filled buckets
  • Florist's knife
  • Ribbons and pins


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