Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Ergonomic gardening tools are designed to create less strain on gardeners' bodies as they perform their tasks. Gardening can be physically demanding since a lot of kneeling, bending and stooping is involved. These types of tools are also easier for gardeners who are older or who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain. Most ergonomic tools can be purchased at garden centers, retail shops or home improvement stores.

Extended Reach Grass and Hedge Shears

Extended Reach grass and hedge shears allow a gardener to stand while trimming grass and weeds. Using these shears requires less bending and kneeling, causing less stress to the knees and back. This tool also features an adjustable rotating head which prevents having to climb a ladder to use the shears.

PowerLever Hand Pruner

The PowerLever hand pruner eases strain on hands and wrists because the parallel handle is designed to use all fingers while pruning, increasing cutting strength more than 35 percent. The handle is also smaller which makes it easier for gardeners who have smaller hands.

Pruning Stik

The Pruning Stik is designed for gardeners who are unable to climb ladders. With this device, bending, stooping and kneeling become obsolete. The cutting head of the stik rotates on a 240 degree arc making it easy to cut at a variety of angles. The stik is about five feet long and is light, weighing only 31 ounces. The stik is adjustable, so that the gardener can pull it out to the desired length.

Oscillating Hoes

Oscillating hoes are ideal for people with back pain or back problems. Unlike other types of hoes, oscillating hoes use push and pull movements, which places minimum stress on the back. By using an oscillating hoe, a gardener can stand while hoeing rather than crouch.

Garden Caddy

Garden caddies are useful for carrying and transporting garden tools and accessories such as mulch or other heavy objects. Caddies allow for easy transportation of garden supplies and prevent back strain. The caddy also features built-in knee pads and an area for the gardener to sit.

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