Native Flowers That Bloom in the Sacramento Valley All Year

The Sacramento Valley falls in the greater Central California Valley, and is so named for the addition of the large city on its coast. Outside of the city of Sacramento, the nutritious soil, warm sunshine and plentiful water of the area support many of California's most beautiful native plants. Many of these bloom in striking colors and numbers.

California Honeysuckle

California honeysuckle, or Lonicera hispipilla, is a small, wild form of honeysuckle. It grows long woody stems, oval leaves and small bright pink flowers. The blooms are trumpet shaped and attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Its red fall berries also attract birds. Although California honeysuckle is drought-resistant, it prefers moist, shady locations for its vining growth.

Red Stem Dogwood

Red stem dogwood grows wild in the cool, moist environment of the Sacramento Valley. This shrub sports bright deciduous leaves, creamy white flowers and red stems. it prefers shade or partial shade, but will grow in the sun along river banks. The shrub grows up to 12 feet in height and may reach 10 to 12 feet in spread.

California Wild Rose

The California wild rose grows naturally throughout California, and is far different from its more cultivated bush cousins. California rose grows small shrubs with 1- to 2-inch, five-petaled flowers. The blooms of a California rose are flat, single-layered and always pink. The bush grows in full to partial shade, and prefers moist areas.

Mock Orange

Mock orange shrubs are so named for their citrus scent and orange tree-like blossoms and leaves. Mock oranges grow bright green foliage and beautiful white flowers, and may grow from 3 to 4 feet tall to over 20 feet tall. Mock orange grows in the wild in full to partial sun, in areas where it will get plenty of moisture.

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