Free Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your front yard with a combination of flowers and evergreen shrubs is a way to enjoy foliage year-round and colorful seasonal blooms. Evergreen shrubs are true to their name--never losing their foliage. Perennial flower gardens present colorful blossoms and aromatic sensations for your front yard landscape year after year. Plan an evergreen and perennial garden based on the amount of available sunlight and on your location's hardiness zone.

Lilies, Daylilies and Gardenias

Plant a perennial garden for an array of color from late spring to early fall and evergreen shrubs year-round. Gardenias are a type of evergreen shrub that blooms with fragrant white flowers during the spring and summer. With varieties that grow from 2 to 8 feet tall, you can find gardenias to place in the center of a circular garden or along the back row of a border garden. Plant Asiatic lilies and daylilies in front of the gardenias as the center of your layered perennial garden. Both species grow up to 36 inches tall. Asiatic lilies offer deep, rich hues in shades of pink as well as a strong, fragrant aroma. Daylily colors range from bright yellow to deep burgundy; you are sure to find a selection that suits your front yard palate. Stella Dora daylilies and calla lilies fit in beautifully in the front of your layered lily garden. Callas grow between 12 and 14 inches tall; Stella Dora's grow up to 2 feet tall. All types of lilies enjoy full to partial sun and perform well as cut flowers for your home.

Layered Border Garden

Create a layered rose and evergreen shrub garden as a front yard border for the foundation of your home. Begin the layered garden with a row of boxwoods along the foundation of your home. Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 15 feet tall. Select a cultivar of this popular shrub suited to your climate. Tall boxwood shrubs provide a decorative backdrop for the center layer of roses. Roses have showy blossoms and heady aromas and can bloom from spring to fall, depending on the cultivar. Roses are available in an array of colors that will stand out in any garden. Complete the layered front yard border garden with a front row of low-growing evergreen shrubs such as blue star juniper.

Bird Bath Fountain Garden

Create a focal point in your front yard landscaping with a circular flower and shrub garden surrounding a bird bath fountain. Place a decorative bird bath fountain in the center of an excavated circle. Surround the fountain with tulips for spring time blooms, calla lilies for summer color, and chrysanthemums for a striking fall display. Spatter low-growing evergreen shrubs, such as Little Jim spruce and any variety of dwarf globe cedar, throughout the circular garden. Fill in around the plantings with a decorative mulch to enhance the landscape feature and to help hold in moisture.

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