Creating Grapevine Wreaths


Grapevines wreaths are an attractive, easy-to-make project that won't cost you a lot of money and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Children as young as 7 can make these simple wreaths, according to Cornell University. Use your completed wreath as a seasonal decoration or make more than one and give them away as gifts.


Grapevine wreaths are made from the vines of grapes. Any type of vines can be used, from wild grape plants (Vitis riparia), which are found throughout the central and eastern parts of the United States, to cultivated grape plants, to ornamental grapevines grown in home gardens.


Vines should be collected in the fall, after the grapes have been harvested, but before the first freeze of the winter. Clip them into lengths that are easy for you to handle, or into lengths that match the size of the wreath you wish to make. A 3-foot vine, for example, when formed into a circle, makes a standard-sized wreath. Do not worry about a bit of excess length, as "leftover" pieces of the vine can be tucked into the wreath and add character to the completed product. Remove the leaves, but leave the small curly tendrils if you like how they look.


Creating the vines is a simple matter of arranging the vines into the shape of the wreath. Form two vines into a circle, and secure the ends together with a small piece of floral wire. The rest of the vines do not have to be fastened, but can be tucked into the small spaces between the other vines, according to She Knows Living. Continue in this manner until you have a wreath as large and as thick as you desire. Then, let it dry in the sun for a few days, or indoors if it is damp outside.


Grapevine wreaths can be hung undecorated for a rustic look, or they can be decorated to match a specific decor. Many home gardeners enjoy making grapevine wreaths for specific seasons. Silk orange maple leaves can be woven into the vines, and lightweight, small plastic pumpkins can be attached with hot glue for a wonderful autumn wreath. Attach pine cones and red and green ribbon for an easy Christmas decoration. Thread a long piece of floral wire through the back of the wreath and twist it into a loop if you want to hang the wreath.


Hang a grapevine wreath on the front door as a cheerful way to welcome guests, or place one in the center of each window to create a dramatic but cozy look. Grapevine wreaths can also be hung over a fireplace mantel or even laid horizontally in the center of a table. Fill the center of the wreath with tall candles for an instant centerpiece.

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