Berry Growing in a Greenhouse


Berries are summertime crops, popular for their sweet blossoms and small, juicy fruits. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and boysenberries are all relatively sensitive to cold, though, and are therefore difficult to grow in cold regions. Gardeners in cold growing zones often turn to greenhouses to control the growing environment for their berries.


Keep berries separate from other plants in the greenhouse to give them their preferred soil. All berries prefer quick-draining foundations, with plenty of nutrition from compost. Some berries prefer higher acidity in their soil, while others don't require any change in pH.

Sunshine and Location

All fruit trees and plants require full sun, and berries are no exception. Keep the plants in an area of the greenhouse where they'll receive six to eight hours of sun every day during summer. During winter, keep cold-sensitive berries like blackberries in the center of the greenhouse, and blueberries, which require cold in the winter, near the windows of the structure.


The enclosed growing environment of a greenhouse may require more careful watering than an outdoor environment. Maintain deep waterings every couple of days to keep soil moist and nurture the berries.


Although the greenhouse protects berries from external temperatures and weather, these plants may still adhere to their natural growing seasons. Berries are summertime crops, so will bloom in spring and bear fruit over summer with the right care.

Winter Care

During harsh, cold winters, gardeners may need to heat the greenhouse to maintain sensitive berry plants. Use heaters and fans to warm air and circulate it around the structure, and increase your waterings at that time to keep the plants from drying out.

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