Do It Yourself Tall Centerpieces


Centerpieces can be created successfully by anyone in the home, and used for tables of all kinds. They can be placed on dining room tables, coffee tables and even on stands and entertainment centers. Centerpieces will add a decorative touch to any room into which they are added, and can be created in no time at all.

Children Arrange Flowers

Keep a few different tall vases on hand will be helpful if children will be picking flowers and creating centerpieces for you. Clear vases work well, and colored marbles add a nice effect. Children can place marbles in the vase, add water and cut flowers. Food coloring would make the centerpiece more interesting. All but the smallest children can be trusted with scissors and shown how to cut the flowers. A basket will give them a place to set the flowers until they bring them into the house, and they can create there own flower arrangements.

Tall Flowers

Daisies and some of the shorter varieties of sunflowers are two good choices for tall flower arranging. Lilies and tulips work as well. Combine these with baby's breath to fill out the arrangement and make the centerpieces more attractive. You may also like to use American star thistle or cardinal flower. Tie a ribbon around the desired bouquet combination, so that the bow will be seen above the rim of the vase.

Topiary Centerpiece

A topiary is a chic, tall centerpiece. One can be made using a topiary frame in a pot and ivy from the garden. Other plants can also be used, such as moss. Fresh or dried flowers are another option, with some greenery thrown into the mix. A bow can be tied either around the stem or the pot.

Living Plants

Small, live trees make great centerpieces that allow for planting after the event. Small pine trees can be decorated with tiny ornaments, or they will look nice with a small strand of holiday lights wrapped around the base. Other trees can be used as well, purchased at the right size for the table that needs a centerpiece. These tree, also planted when no longer needed, will make a wonderful addition to a spring table setting.


Branches, cut to the size needed for the table, will look good placed in a glass or earthenware pitcher. Grapevines, pruned from an existing plant, will add to the natural look the host is going for. A cattail or two, and some pussy willow stems will add flair to the overall effect.

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