Mini Gardening Tools

Most gardeners are familiar with the standard-sized garden tools, such as shovels, rakes and hoes, or hand tools like cultivators and weeders. Between standard-sized and mini gardening tools there's a wide variety of sizes from tiny tools an inch long to those used for special planters like terrariums.


Craft stores carry mini gardening tools to use with arts and crafts projects, such as doll houses, garden-themed wreaths and gifts. The sizes range from tiny tools for scrapbooking projects to tools about 6 inches long. Rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, buckets and hoses are all available. The tools are meant to be decorative.

Terrarium Tools

Specialized gardening tools are made for usage in terrariums. The tool's end resembles a miniature version of a shovel, rake or spade. The handles are long to fit inside the terrarium without disturbing the plants. Also available are long handled tweezers, pruners and forceps for picking up plant debris and pruning leaves.

Children's Tools

Mini tools in child sizes come in hand tools like cultivators, trowels and weeders, but also wheelbarrows, buckets, watering cans, and child-sized long-handled rakes shovels and hoes.

Adult Tools

Smaller gardeners find standard-sized gardening tools uncomfortable to use. The handles are too long or too heavy. Manufacturers have developed tools that are mini versions of standard sizes that fit small-stature gardeners more comfortably. Hard rakes, grass rakes, shovels, cultivators and hoes are all available.


Many play sets come with a garden theme and include mini garden tools. The child plays with the tools in the play set, or the child uses the tools with the doll or action figure included in the play set.

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