Growing Mushrooms in a Cave


Mushrooms are edible fungi that grow in a wide range of locations. Although they are plant-like, mushrooms are not green plants, and do not require sunshine like other plants do. They do require warmth and moisture, and thrive in dark, damp and protected locations like caves. If you live in an area where caves are available, try your hand at growing your own mushrooms instead of buying them at the market.

Step 1

Pile up a nutritious growing foundation of wood shavings, compost or soil.

Step 2

Purchase a mushroom culture from a garden or hydroponic shop. Mushrooms grow from spores rather than seeds, and are only available as plugs or injectible cultures. Follow the directions on the package to inject the culture into your foundation, and leave the culture to take root.

Step 3

Water the mound every day with a watering can to maintain moisture for the mushrooms, but don't over water; mushrooms won't grow in muddy or swampy foundations. Expect mushroom sprouting in six to seven weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood shavings/compost/potting soil
  • Mushroom culture
  • Watering can


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