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The seasons strongly affect how plants grow to an extent that plants have evolved in order to accommodate changes in seasons. Plants usually do not grow flowers in the winter because there are few animals to pollinate their flowers and because plant tissue tends to be vulnerable to frost. However, there are some ways that flowers can bloom during all of the seasons of the year.


Fall is often the season where the temperature becomes too cold for many plants, and as a result, flowers tend to drop from plants. However, there are some plants that are capable of blooming in the fall, such as with the fall mums. Growing flowers in the fall and winter can add color to gardens that will otherwise be mostly white and brown. In addition to using flowers to add color, color can often be added using berries that ripen during the fall.


The winter is usually when plants do not grow, since frost can be very damaging to plants. However, there are some flowers that bloom in the winter, such as the Christmas cactus and poinsettias. Otherwise, flower blooming in the winter is only possible in greenhouses and indoors.

Indoor Gardening

Flowers grown indoors during the winter and fall can benefit from the warmer temperatures found indoors. However, many species of plant might not receive enough sunlight indoors. Moving the flower closer to the window will often not be enough to give the plant adequate sunlight to produce flowers; a sunlamp is sometimes required. Plants that are grown indoors are usually chosen from tropical and subtropical parts of the world.


Spring is the time when most flowers bloom. Blooming in the spring gives plants a chance to develop seeds and fruit that can be distributed throughout the summer and fall. Also, spring is warm enough to not destroy the flowers with the frost, but cool enough that the plant does not lose water through transpiration during the hotter months of the summer.


Many flowers also bloom during the summer. Summer is when the most pollinating insects are out, which makes it more possible for animals to distribute the pollen from male flowers to female flowers for fertilization. Flowers grown in the summer often need conditions to be just right for the species or else the flowers will drop.

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