Strawberry Varieties for a Greenhouse

Strawberries can be produced on plants grown in a greenhouse when outdoor temperatures are not conducive. "Day-neutral" or "ever-bearing" varieties make good choices, as they will continue to flower regardless of day length when nighttime temperatures remain below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Consult with local cooperative extension offices to learn of recommended strawberry plant varieties best suited to the climate and other production issues of your region, even if they are grown in a greenhouse. The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service suggests always planting more than one variety.


Variety "Tristar" is an ever-bearing selection of strawberry that produced the best quality and highest yields of fruits in a test study conducted by Dr. Marvin Pritts of Cornell University. Tristar was developed at the University of Maryland and is tolerant of leaf blight and resistant to verticillium, making it a reliable plant in a wide array of growing conditions all around the United States. Fir, glossy red and sweet berries with a nice fragrance are abundantly produced on the plants, especially if runners (stolons) are clipped off of plants.


"Jewel" is another strawberry that was grown and evaluated by Dr. Pritts at Cornell. This June-bearing variety (blooms and produces only once a year during late spring when days are shorter) is often regarded as an excellent all-around strawberry because it is a vigorous grower and yields lots of firm-skinned, wedge-shaped red berries. Jewel was developed in 1971 at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva.

Strawberry Festival

The University of Florida's Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Dover developed the variety "Strawberry Festival." This plant is widely grown and recommended for Florida plastic hoop-house (temporary greenhouses made of polyurethane) production in fall and winter. Strawberry festival produces flowers and fruits when day lengths are short and therefore are barren during summer months. The fruits are cone-shaped and glossy deep red and very firm, allowing them to be shipped without risk of extensive bruising en route to market around the country.

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