Garden Storage Tools

Proper storage of garden tools keeps them looking and working like new. A good storage system keeps tools dry, out of direct light and away from children and pets. Storage systems range from large to small, wall mounted to in-ground. Purchase these items online, at local hardware stores and through your local newspaper. Be aware that snakes hide in dark, secluded places like sheds and rolled up water hoses.

Storage Shed

Storage shed range in size and style. The more elaborate sheds have windows, porches, open garages and even multiple stories. Storage sheds are built from wood, metal, concrete, bricks, stone and even plastic. Many sheds require foundations of rock, concrete or at the least hard, level ground.

Wall-mounted Tool Holder

Use this item to keep rakes, shovels, hoes and other long handled items off the floor. Usually made from heavy-duty plastic, this storage unit offers years of affordable service. Using screws in studs provides the best and most stable results where heavy tools are concerned.

Water Hose Reel

Coming in mounted and mobile types, hose reel storage units keep hoses from cluttering your yard. These units normally wind hoses into neat rolls by use of a hand crank. Hose reels come in metal and plastic models. Simpler and more attractive types include those made from real or faux terracotta shaped into decorative containers. Some have lids while others lack them. A hole at, usually the base of the pot allows users to pull the hose to the appropriate length.

Storage Bench

A garden storage bench offers gardeners two great items; a place to store things and a place to sit down. Normally these benches are made from plastic or water resistant woods. Pine and other delicate woods are used but require special treatments or at the least, a good paint job. A good seal is important or wasps, mice and snakes will take refuge inside. When properly built and attention is paid to detail, garden storage benches last several years and keep tools clean, dry and safe.

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