How to Choose Garden Hose Coiling


Everyday home and lawn maintenance would be nearly impossible without a garden hose. Although many homeowners and gardeners still have standard garden hoses that must be unwound from the hose reel and rewound after use, having a coiling garden hose makes home and garden tasks much easier. Coiling garden hoses take up much less room than a standard garden hose, and are easy to carry. By comparing pricing and styles, you will be able to choose the garden hose coiling that best suits your needs.

Step 1

Look for a coiling water hose that is safe to transport water through, depending on your needs. Coiling water hoses are generally made from two types of materials. Some water hoses are made from a material called ester-based polyurethane, while others are made from ether-based polyurethane. Esther-based hoses do not resist fungal growth, so if you need a hose to fill drinking containers/bowls, or water plants and vegetables, choose a safe hose that is made from ether-based polyurethane.

Step 2

Measure your lawn, garden, or space where you will be working using a measuring tape. Look for hoses that will be long enough to easily reach across your working area.

Step 3

Choose a garden hose that has UV protection. UV rays can affect the hose and cause it to break down over time, creating unwanted leaks.

Step 4

Choose a coiling water hose that you will be able to store away easily. Read the packaging to find out how long the hose will be once coiled up. Some hoses will be long when coiled, while others will be much shorter.

Step 5

Search for hoses that will produce the right amount of pressure you will need to complete your tasks. Some hoses will only produce enough pressure to create a shower effect, while others will be able to produce enough pressure to spray off cars and drives.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape


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