How to Build a 3-Level Flower Planter


Flower planters make decorative accents for any porch or patio. The planters may be filled with flowers, a fountain or even have petunias spilling over the sides. A planter is also a good way to grow fruits such as strawberries. Planters raise the height of the growing plants and make harvesting them easy. You can create greater visual interest with your planter by giving it multiple levels. A three-tier planter filled with flowers and plants that spill over the sides resembles a garden fountain.

Step 1

Place the whiskey barrel with the open end pointed upward in the planter location.

Step 2

Fill the barrel with potting soil.

Step 3

Place a wooden wash tub on top of the barrel directly on the potting soil. Position the wash tub so that it sits against the back side of the whiskey barrel.

Step 4

Fill the wooden wash tub with potting soil.

Step 5

Place a wooden milking pail on top of the wash tub directly on the potting soil. Position the pail so that it sits against the back side of the wash tub.

Step 6

Fill the pail with potting soil. The three planters will resemble stairsteps.

Step 7

Place plants into the soil between the edge of each container and the edge of the container above it.

Things You'll Need

  • Whiskey barrel, 20-inch diameter
  • Wooden wash tub, 13-inch diameter
  • Wooden milking pail, 8-inch diameter
  • Potting soil


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  • University of Minnesota Extension: Raised Bed Gardens

Who Can Help

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