DIY: White Floral Centerpieces


White flowers make a striking statement as a centerpiece. Sophisticated but not overbearing, the type of flower helps set the mood of the arrangement. Roses, lilies, daisies and hydrangeas are just a few options in white. Centerpieces consisting only of white flowers may fade into the background, so play up the green color and the textures of the foliage and stems to help make these centerpieces pop. Combining the flowers and foliage with an interesting display method ensures the flowers aren't boring.

Long-stem Centerpiece

Step 1

Fill a wide cylindrical vase one-third full with clear glass floral marbles. Alternately, use polished white river stones.

Step 2

Combine a floral preservative with water according to the packet instructions. Pour the water into the vase to within 2 inches of the rim.

Step 3

Cut the stems of your flowers so they are all equal in length. Use long-stemmed flowers, such as roses or paperwhite narcissus.

Step 4

Inserts the stems in the vase, placing them between the marbles and the wall of the vase so the stems are completely visible. Space the flower stems ½-inch apart around the entire circumference of the vase.

Step 5

Wrap 1-inch wide white satin ribbon around the outside of the vase, even with the top of the floral marbles inside. Tie the ribbon in a large bow.

Small Centerpiece

Step 1

Wrap a large, variegated leaf, such as a hosta leaf, around a small cylindrical vase or a glass tumbler. Alternately, use a square vase with straight sides. Cover the vase completely with the leaf. Use more than one leaf if necessary, overlapping the edges so the vase isn't visible. Secure the leaf to the vase with double-sided tape.

Step 2

Trim the top and bottom of the leaf with a craft knife, so that the edges of the leaf are even with the top and bottom edge of the vase. Use additional tape under the edges of the leaf so it sits flat against the vase.

Step 3

Fill the vase with water. Add a floral preservative, following the packet instructions.

Step 4

Place the flowers in the vase. Use a single flower for narrow vases, such as a white hydrangea sprig or a lily. Arrange clusters of three to five full flowers in wider vases, such as clusters of carnations or white zinnias.

Things You'll Need

  • Large cylinder vase
  • Floral marbles
  • Flower preservative
  • Ribbon
  • Small cylinder or square vase
  • Hosta leaves
  • Double-sided tape


  • University of Kentucky Extension: Centerpieces and Table Decorations
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