Favorable Conditions for Zoysia Grass


Zoysia is a turf grass grown in warm climates. It is planted for its thick, lush growth and its bright green color. It is an easy-to-grow grass that takes a lot of rough treatment from kids and animals. Like many warm-season grasses, it browns in winter, turning into a thick tan carpet until warm weather returns. Propagated by sprigs, plugs or sod, zoysia becomes virtually maintenance-free when given proper culture.


Zoysia grows in warm climates with mild winters and adequate rainfall. In North America, USDA zones 7 and warmer are well suited for zoysia grass. The American Southeast, with its hot summers, mild winters and abundant rainfall makes an ideal environment. It is possible to grow zoysia in hot, dry climates, but it will require regular irrigation to provide adequate moisture.


Zoysia grows best in well-drained soil that can retain moisture from rainfall and irrigation. A loamy soil is ideal. Soil pH should be slightly acidic, approximately between 6.0 and 6.8. Sandy soils can be amended with compost. Dense, clay soils can be lightened with a few inches compost to improve drainage.


Zoysia is less thirsty than cool-season grasses and can survive short periods of drought without irrigation. When needed, irrigate deeply to encourage deep rooting.


Zoysia requires a mostly sunny site, but does best in full, all-day sun. It can tolerate part shade, but the shadiest portions of the lawn will need to be overseeded with a grass more suitable for shady conditions.


Zoysia lawns should be fertilized in July according to label directions, according to the University of Maryland Extension.

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