Decorative Storage for a Garden Hose


Garden hoses are a vital tool of any home gardener, but storing them can be a problem. Coil them up neatly on the patio and you still have an unsightly pile of green hose. Or, you can put the hose away entirely in the storage shed or garage, but sooner or later (usually sooner) you have to drag it out again. One solution is to invest in decorative storage. This keeps the garden hose handy in an attractive, safe manner.


Proper storage of a garden house is important for a number of reasons, according to Factory Direct Hose. First, caring for the hose correctly will reduce the chances of it cracking or developing a hole. Secondly, leaving a hose out, even if it's coiled, can pose a tripping hazard. Finally, if the hose is stored properly in a manner in which you can easily reach it, you are more likely to use it.


There are two main types of decorative storage for a garden hose: freestanding or hanging. Hanging hose holders are usually attached to the outside wall of the house, often near the faucet. Some are made to hang in the garage. Decorative hanging hose storage usually features some type of design on the front of it, such as a carved panorama of birds, ivy and flowers, but you can usually still see the hose. Freestanding hose holders rest on the ground and are usually designed to look like a box. Often the box has decorative patterns on it in some type of garden theme, such as butterflies or trees. These boxes often hide the garden hose completely.


Decorative garden hose holders are designed to hold the hose in a manner so that it won't be bent or folded. The hose is wrapped around the center part of the holder. In some cases, the holder has a handle that can be turned to unroll the hose. In this way, the hose can be fed out of the holder as needed. Many are attached to the outside faucet on one end so that you never have to hook it up.


Many decorative storage items for a garden hose have other features besides the storage of the hose. Some come with a small storage area where you can put gardening tools, such as gloves or a trowel. Freestanding storage might be built like a bench, allowing you to sit on it, or it might have an area on top where you can set container planted flowers in order to make it even more decorative. Some freestanding reels have wheels, so you can move the hose easily from one area to another.


Decorative storage devices for garden hoses vary widely in quality. Some are little more than simple reels. Others may hide the hose, but may be made out of poor-quality plastic. Still others may be elaborately beautiful, but might be too heavy to move easily. Think about what you need before you make a purchase. Even if you love the look of the decorative storage, you won't be likely to use it if the function isn't as attractive as the design.

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