DIY Rose Centerpieces


A rose centerpiece is a beautiful focal point for any dinner party or special event. Symbolizing love, joy and beauty, roses are appropriate for every occasion including weddings, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers as well as birthday celebrations. The rose color and containers you select will set the tone for the event---letting you express your creativity while saving the expense of using a florist for your centerpieces.

Step 1

Fill a clean plastic bucket with several inches of bottled water and floral preservative mixed according to manufacturer's instructions. Set aside until you reach Step 4. As the water sits, air is released; letting your roses easily absorb water when finally placed in the bucket.

Step 2

Bring one inch of tap water to a boil in a 2 quart cooking pot; then turn off the heat source. Wrap your roses in paper cut from your brown paper bag to protect the foliage and blossoms from heat; cut ¼ inch from the stems with a sharp knife; then place the roses in the water. Let the roses stand until the water is lukewarm. This heat treatment forces air out of the stems; allowing the roses to absorb more water and last longer.

Step 3

Remove brown paper wrapping and clean roses by removing bottom leaves and any unsightly or damaged petals from around the roses.

Step 4

Trim rose stems on a slant to approximately 5 inches under several inches fresh, room temperature water using a sharp knife; then place the roses in the prepared bucket from Step 1. Let the roses hydrate for several hours.

Step 5

Cut the floral foam sphere in half; saturate one piece in water; then secure it in your floral foam holder with green floral tape. Place assembled holder into your container and use green floral tape to hold it in place.

Step 6

Snip leather leaf fern into pieces; then stick each stem of leather leaf fern into the floral foam to create a complete background for your roses.

Step 7

Place one rose in the center of the floral foam and continue placing roses in a circular pattern until the entire floral foam surface is covered. Add water from the plastic bucket to the floral foam holder to keep your centerpiece hydrated.

Tips and Warnings

  • Short-stemmed roses are far less costly than long-stemmed roses. They are often readily available at fruit and produce markets as well as discount groceries. Ask your source to pre-order your roses so you are guaranteed the color you want. If you are doing a number of centerpieces, put together one prototype to establish your assembly techniques well before the big event.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bucket
  • Bottled water
  • Floral preservative
  • 2 dozen short-stemmed roses
  • Brown paper bag
  • 2 quart cooking pot
  • Sharp knife
  • 6 inch floral foam sphere
  • Green floral tape
  • 7 inch floral foam holder
  • 2 bundles leather leaf fern


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