Washington Apple Varieties

The sunny, arid climate and rich ash soil conditions found in the state of Washington provide the perfect environment for growing apples. According to Washington State University, approximately 42 percent of all U.S. apples are grown in Washington state. A wide variety of the finest, best-tasting apple cultivars are harvested from the apple orchards found in the eastern foothills of the Cascade mountains of Washington State.

Red Delicious

Originally known as the 'Hawkeye,' the 'Red Delicious' is ideal for eating fresh. The bright red skin is sometimes striped, and the flesh is off-white, crisp and juicy, with a mildly sweet flavor. Washington state has been producing the 'Red Delicious' apple since the 1920s. 'Red Delicious' apples are harvested in September and October and are available year-round.


The tangy-sweet, honey flavor of the 'Jonagold' makes it an ideal dessert apple. First produced in Washington state during the 1970s, the 'Jonagold' peel has a yellow undercoating topped with a bright shade of red. The fragrant, creamy-white flesh is fine-textured, crisp and firm. 'Jonagold' apples are ready for harvest in September.


Produced at the University of Minnesota in 1960, the 'Honeycrisp' thrives in the cooler climate found in Washington state. The 'Honeycrisp' is a deep red with green and yellow undertones and has a creamy white flesh that is crunchy and juicy. The tart flavor of the 'Honeycrisp' makes it ideal for eating fresh or using in pies. Honeycrisp apples are harvested from mid-September until mid-October


The spicy, sweetly-tart flavor of the 'Braeburn' makes it an all-purpose apple that is best served fresh or cooked into pies and sauces. The flesh is firm, crispy and aromatic and the outer skin of the 'Braeburn' is a blend of red, orange and yellow. The 'Braeburn' is ready for harvest by Washington growers in September and early October.

Granny Smith

Available for purchase year-round, the 'Granny Smith' is well known for its tart flavor and bright green peel. The white flesh of the 'Granny Smith' is juicy and crisp in texture. 'Granny Smith' apples are a good choice for snacking and are considered excellent baking apples for pies and tarts. The 'Granny Smith' is harvested in Washington during the month of October.


Discovered in a Washington state orchard during the 1980s, the 'Cameo' is harvested in September and October and is available from October until August. The sweet, crunchy flesh of the 'Cameo' is concealed by a thin, tender skin that is red, with undertones of green and yellow. The 'Cameo' stores well and is eaten fresh as a snack or baked in pies.

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