How Do I Care for My Plumeria Plant?


Plumeria cuttings can be taken from the plant at any time of year, but are best stored for spring planting. These fragrant blooms appear from April until November in most regions of the United States, stretching across the country. The flower blooms in various colors and offer a unique scent. The plumeria is native to the Pacific Islands and Mexico, but grows well in the US with the right care. Potted, it makes an attractive houseplant. In warmer climates, plumeria can be planted outdoors where it will reach up to 35 feet tall.

Step 1

Place the plumeria cutting in a dry location and allow the ends to dry completely for at least three days. The cut end of the piece will seal when dry.

Step 2

Dip the end of the cutting into a root hormone power with an added fungicide to prevent fungus and promote healthy growth. Root hormone can be purchased at a local gardening center.

Step 3

Plant the plumeria in a planter filled with sand or potting soil. Dig a small shallow hole in the center of the planter and place the cutting into it. Push a small stick next to the cutting and tie small strips of cloth to the cutting and stick to support the cutting. Water the soil well, allowing the excess to drain from the bottom of the planter.

Step 4

Place the planter in an area offering full sun to the plant for eight hours a day. Maintain the soil moisture by watering the plant when the top 1 inch of soil is dry.

Step 5

Examine the cutting for new green leaves daily. The roots have become established when leaves begin to appear.

Step 6

Continue to provide water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry after the roots are established. Water the planter until the excess water drains from the bottom of the planter.

Step 7

Apply a high phosphorus fertilizer to the plumeria plant, following the label directions, every other week from April until August. Allow the plant to become dormant from September until March. Continue to water during the winter months, avoiding plant food.

Things You'll Need

  • Root horomone
  • Planter
  • Sand
  • Potting soil (optional)
  • Pencil or stick
  • Cloth strips
  • Fertilizer


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