Wood Projects Using Landscaping Material

Wood landscaping material such as landscape timbers and railroad ties can be versatile building materials for your outdoor projects. The wood is already treated for outdoor use and is available in uniform sizes from home improvement and garden supply centers. Decorate your wood projects using other types of landscaping materials such as decorative stones and pebble tiles.


One wood project you can make using landscaping material is a planter box. Landscaping timbers are sold in 8-foot-long boards that are 4 inches square. Cut the timbers into equal sizes to create the walls of the planter box. Join the timbers together with 10-inch timber nails. Make any size planters to fit along a patio wall or to stand in your garden. Add casters to the bottom and the landscaping planters will be easier to move around your property.

Wishing Well

A decorative wood project you can make for your garden using landscaping materials is a wishing well. Build the box for the well with landscape timbers, similar to making a planter box. Extend two timbers on facing sides of the box to support the roof. Landscape timbers may be too chunky for the roof; you may prefer to use treated lumber for the slats. Glue landscaping rocks to the roof slats to add design style to the wishing well. Small river rocks work well, attach them with waterproof construction adhesive.


Build a fence for your property border or for a small garden using landscaping timbers. Install 6-foot-long timbers 2 feet into the ground every 4 feet along the length of the fence line. Fill in the sections between the posts with 4-foot-tall timbers joined together with timber nails to make the fence panels. Scallop the top rim of the fence line with a jig saw for a decorative touch.


Create a rustic garden bench using landscaping timbers and railroad ties. Cut the railroad ties to the desired height of the bench, two for each end and two for the center support. Connect the ties together with metal braces. Attach lengths of landscaping timbers across the top of the railroad ties to make the bench seat. Stain or paint the landscaping timbers black to match the railroad ties.


Create single steps on your property using railroad ties. Cut the ties to the desired length and anchor them into the ground with rebar. This landscaping material is ideal as a single step up onto a garden deck or as a series of single steps up an embankment.

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