Landscaping Ideas for Redwood Bark

Redwood bark is a medium-weight mulch notably for it's spongy texture. This soft bark is often nicknamed "gorilla hair" in its shredded form, according to Earthworks Soil Amendments, for its coarse, fibrous texture. Redwood bark is loose and creates a somewhat fluffy appearance when used in a landscape. This versatile mulch can be used in many ways, but avoid using it where people are apt to drop cigarettes, as it ignites quickly and easily, according to California Integrated Waste Management.

Around Plants

Spread redwood bark around the plants in your flower garden. The bark will stifle weed growth and help retain moisture in the soil. In addition, the attractive red color of the bark will show nicely against the green foliage and colorful flowers of your plants.

Under Trees

It is often difficult to grow anything under a tree, particularly if the tree casts a heavy amount of shade. Try laying down a nice, bright layer of redwood bark under the tree instead. Again, the red color will show nicely even in the dark area under the tree's canopy. Surround the circle of mulch with a decorate stone border to hold it in place for a neatly-tended look.

Along the Foundation

Highlight the lines of your home by laying some bark down along the foundation walls. Create a narrow border, or go for the dramatic and create a wide ribbon of redwood bark around your entire home. Not only will these give a formal look to your home, but redwood bark repels insects, according to Landscape Depot, so it will help to keep the critters from entering your home. Create a division between the bark and your lawn or the rest of your landscape with bricks, stones or cement blocks.

In Containers

Flowers and plants are often grown in containers, and they need mulch just as much, if not more, than those planted in-ground. Add redwood bark to the surface of the soil of your container plants. Not only will this give your plants a "finished" look, but it will help prevent fungal diseases from developing, as well as retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

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