Good Landscaping Ideas

Fill the landscape with vibrant plants and flowers to create a dramatic display of the yard and one that accents the home. Gather in the garden throughout the year by creating cozy outdoor living spaces like patios. Plant flowers with bold, unusual colors and patterns to create a visually appealing landscape. Adding your own personal touches and outdoor features helps to create a showstopping yet exceptional design.

Decorative Patio

Patios made from durable and weather-resistant stones like flagstone, pebbles, bricks and slate create an inviting space within the garden for relaxing, and watching plants and flowers grow. To create your own design, have fun mixing up different colored patio stones together for a mosaic design. For example, mix different shades of flagstone or slate together to create an attractive pattern to the patio. A circular design with pebbles or brick creates a decorative, year-round patio to tuck within a flowerbed, where you can enjoy nature. Along the patio, add decorative touches like water gardens and birdbaths where winged beauties like birds and butterflies visit. Along the perimeter of the outdoor patio and in between the stones, plant vibrant, low-growing plants like creeping lemon thyme or blue star creeper.

Perennial Garden

Add to the landscape a long-lasting feature by growing a perennial garden. A permanent addition, perennials are planted once to come back year after year, taller and fuller than before. As perennial flowers evolve and take shape, so does the landscape. To create the perennial garden, grow plants that are hardy in the native climate. Unthirsty plants like drought-tolerant coneflowers, coreopsis and Russian sage all require little water but produce colorful blooms. Low-growing perennial flowers like moss phlox and verbena are ideal along the front of the beds to help fill in the garden with their vibrant color. Cool-season perennials like hellebore provide a burst of color to the garden in winter, when the colorful, nodding-like flowers emerge. As an evergreen, the foliage retains its color throughout the year.

Garden Path

Connect areas of the landscape together like a front yard to a backyard patio or pergola. Garden paths are also an ideal way to define the landscape and provide a space for admiring plants and flowers. They also provide a resting spot while weeding, pruning and watering the garden. Made from a wide range of different materials, paths also help to provide a focal point to the landscape. Build a normal-sized walking path by using a durable material like pebbles. Lay the path down at least 3 feet wide to allow for easy access of gardening equipment like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. Pebbles are attractive in a wide range of landscapes, including formal settings, and they provide neutral, earth-toned colors to blend in well with the landscape.

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