Upside Down Tomato Varieties

Tomato plants grown upside down tend to be stronger and produce a more abundant crop, along with allowing gardeners with limited space to have fresh tomatoes all summer long. When choosing plants for growing in upside down containers, look for small fruited tomatoes and determinate varieties, which only grow so large and are easier to control. Tomatoes do well in all growing zones as long as you wait until after the last frost to hang the upside down tomatoes outside.

Small Fry

Small Fry tomatoes produce clusters of small fruit that grow to about 1 inch in diameter, making this a perfect variety for an upside down container. The plant is fairly compact, which will allow it to be hung in a small area. Grow the Small Fry tomato in a well-draining soil that has a pH ranging from 5.5 to 7.0. Water daily so the soil stays moist and never dries out completely. The tomatoes mature in 70 to 75 days after planting and are ready to harvest when uniformly red in color.

Tiny Tim

For red cherry tomatoes to grow in an upside down container, Tiny Tim makes a good choice with its compact growth. It is also tolerant of cool spring weather so it can be planted earlier in the year than many other varieties. Use a hummus rich soil for growing Tiny Tim cherry tomatoes, water daily to keep the soil moist and place in a location that will receive full sun all day and provide shelter from strong winds. The bright red, 1-inch tomatoes are ready to pick after about 60 days and will continue to produce abundantly until the end of summer.

Yellow Canary

Yellow Canary is a yellow cherry tomato that produces 1 inch fruit, growing on a compact plant. Since these plants grow to only about 2 feet, they can be grown upside down in small spaces such as an apartment balcony. Give this tomato at least six hours of sunlight and keep watered consistently each day. Yellow Canary tomatoes are ready to harvest in about 55 days after planting and will continue producing fruit throughout the summer until fall.

Patio Hybrid

Patio hybrid tomatoes are a dwarf tomato plant specifically grown to be planted in containers, including upside down containers. The tomatoes grow to about 4 oz. and yield a firm red fruit, ideal for slicing. Add compost to the soil before planting to increase the nutrients and allow for a well-draining soil, and hang in a location that receives full sun all day. Water your Patio hybrid tomato at least once a day to keep the soil from drying out. Harvest the tomatoes about 65 days after planting, when they are completely red and give slightly when gently squeezed.

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