Insecticides for Grub Control in Turf


The insecticides that will help control white grubs in the turf range from toxic to humans and animals to non-toxic to the environment. White grubs feed on the roots of the turf and in one summer can turn a green turf brown with dead grass. Using products that control and kill the white grub is the only way to have a protected and green lawn.


Trichlorfon has many names in lawn and garden stores, including Dylox and Vermicide Bayer 2349. The pesticide is labeled a general use product by the Environmental Protection Agency. The product is used to treat many insects, including grubs on turf. Trichlorfon will only kill the insects it is designed to kill and not harm other organisms.


Bendiocarb is known by names such as Seedox and Garvox. The pesticide is used as a general pesticide except when it is used in Turcam products, which makes the pesticide a restricted-use pesticide that can only be applied by a certified company or person. The product is used for insects that live in the soil such as the white grub and is toxic for animals and humans.


Halofenozide is a synthetic insecticide that has a brand name of Mach 2. The product is a molt-accelerating agent that is digested by the white grub, which will cause the grub to molt prematurely, causing death. Halofenozide works best on young grubs and not as well on full-grown grubs. The product should be applied July through August when the grubs are young.


Imidacloprid is a neonicotinoid insecticide that is a synthetic pesticide derived from the alkaloid compound nicotine from the leaves of many plants, including the tobacco plant. Imidacloprid is found in a product called Merit, which is used to kill and control grub infestation. The EPA lists the toxicity of imidacloprid as moderate.

Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora Nematode

Heterorhabditis bacteriophora nematode is an alternative white grub control product that uses roundworms to control white grubs, but is safe for animals and plants. The product does not kill the white grub, but tends to slow their activity.

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