Natural Way to Get Rid of Moles Digging Up Yard


Moles are one of the most destructive mammals to inhabit the landscape, according to the University of Arkansas. Moles primarily feed on invertebrate animals such as worms and grubs, and will tunnel beneath a lawn or garden to reach them. If you are wary of leaving poison out to kill moles, trapping the animals is one of the most effective, natural means of disposing of them.

Step 1

Stomp down on several mole tunnels during the evening time to determine which ones are active. Moles will re-build active tunnels during the night.

Step 2

Purchase a trap for capturing moles. Among the most popular traps on the market include scissor traps and harpoon traps.

Step 3

Excavate the area around an active tunnel to set a scissor-type trap. Pack soil into an obstruction that is as high as the trap's trigger. For a harpoon tunnel, crush the tunnel to block it completely.

Step 4

Arm the scissor trap and place it into the tunnel over the obstruction. For a harpoon trap, arm the trap and insert it into the ground over the obstruction.

Step 5

Backfill around the scissor trap with soil.

Step 6

Place a bucket over each trap to reduce air circulation around the scissor trap, which can scare away moles. A bucket over a harpoon trap will keep children and pests away.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Mole trap


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  • Extension: How do I get rid of Lawn Moles?
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