How to Make a Mexican Table Centerpiece


Mexican-themed centerpieces can take many different looks. You can use so many objects to create the centerpiece that you must first decide if you want it to be a living centerpiece, one that will last for a couple of weeks or a light and fun centerpiece for a party. The size of the table you are decorating will also weigh into your decision. Whatever you decide to do, make sure plenty of bright colors surround your piece to bring it together with your other Mexican decorations.

Step 1

Place about a half gallon of sand in a bucket. Add a half gallon of sphagnum peat moss and mix the soil together well.

Step 2

Fill the rim part of the sombrero with the soil mixture so it comes just below the top. For a more serious centerpiece, use Mexican pottery.

Step 3

Plant the agaves in the soil, evenly spacing them around the sombrero. Then place a bromeliad between the agaves. Put in a few cactus plants in the soil, too. Leave enough room between the plants for them to grow.

Step 4

Cover the soil with some small stones and pebbles. This will keep the soil from falling onto your table and help keep the plants in place.

Step 5

Lift a stone up once a week and if the soil feels dry, water it lightly. Water the bromeliads by gently pouring a little water down into the floret.

Step 6

Replace the plants with small decorative pepper plants and rain lilies when the agaves and bromeliads need to be transplanted due to size.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand
  • Bucket
  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Large ceramic Mexican sombrero
  • Small agave plants
  • Small terrestrial bromeliads
  • Small cactus plants
  • Smooth stones and pebbles


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