How to Care for a Narcissis Plant


Narcissus is a genus in the amaryllis family. Perennial flowering bulbs, familiar narcissus varieties include daffodils, jonquil and paperwhites. Narcissus is a Mediterranean native so it thrives in areas with dry summers and wet winters. Narcissi are easy plants to grow, require little care and fill the spring garden with color and fragrance.

Step 1

Plant the narcissus bulb in fertile, well-drained soil. Amend the existing soil by mixing 3 inches of well-rotted manure or compost into the top 6 inches.

Step 2

Add 3 pounds of bulb fertilizer for every 100 square feet of flower bed at planting. Fertilize the narcissus again right after flowering, at the same rate.

Step 3

Provide the narcissus with 1 inch of water per week while it is growing and blooming.

Step 4

Pull weeds as they appear.

Step 5

Deadhead the narcissus as the flowers fade. Some species are small enough that you can snap off the fading flowers with your fingers, others may require the use of pruning shears.

Step 6

Wait one month after the flowers die to cut back the foliage. Cut it to within 1 inch of the soil.

Step 7

Lay down 2 inches of mulch over the planting area in late fall. Suitable mulches include leaves, straw and peat moss. Remove 1 inch of the mulch in the spring.

Tips and Warnings

  • Handling narcissus bulbs may cause contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. All parts of the bulb are poisonous and could be fatal if ingested.

Things You'll Need

  • Manure or compost
  • Bulb fertilizer
  • Pruning shears
  • Mulch


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