Fiskars Garden Tools

Every gardener knows the importance of quality, well-designed garden tools, and Fiskars provides gardeners with many practical choices. Fiskars, a 360-year-old Finnish company best known for their orange-handled scissors, manufactures a full line of garden tools that can simplify even the most difficult gardening tasks. With hundreds of innovative designs to choose from, Fiskars has just about any tool you need to properly maintain your garden space.


Fiskars produces a wide assortment of cultivating tools that are well-suited for preparing a garden. Prepare your soil for planting with the tiller, a 40-inch-long steel tool with a padded T-grip and soil-piercing arrowhead tines to break up hard, compacted soil. The telescoping rotary cultivator, which extends from 39 to 63 inches, has a steel shaft with attached aluminum blades to loosen and aerate soil as well as remove weeds. After the soil for your garden has been prepared, choose among Fiskars' 13 hand-cultivating tools to dig holes for seeds, bulbs or transplants.


Use one of Fiskars' five digging tools to plant bushes, transplant trees or dig post holes for garden fences. The D-handled digging shovel, garden spade and transplanting spade lets you use both hands in a variety of positions to provide ample leverage for digging. The steel tools are also powder-coated to prevent rust and allow easy clean up.

Pruners, Loppers and Shears

Fiskars makes a large selection of cutting tools to perform tasks like trimming tree limbs, clipping hedges or cutting flowers. Choose the 16-foot Power-Level tree pruner to trim the lower branches of taller trees. Select the stainless steel anvil pruner for trimming small, brittle stems and branches, or the 28-inch bypass lopper for cleanly cutting through larger green growth. Fiskars also produces adjustable telescoping Power-Level hedge shears with serrated blades that grip and hold foliage, providing a clean cut.

Ergonomic Cutting Tools

Fiskars' Power Gear line offers a wide selection of garden tools intended to keep hands and fingers comfortable when performing cutting tasks. Specially designed handles and gears make these tools easier to use, particularly for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The Power Gear large bypass pruner, with its increased leverage design, cuts hard, dry growth three times easier than standard pivot pruners. Choose the 31-inch model--its lightweight aluminum handles make clean cuts on green growth easier.

Other Garden Tools

Fiskars manufactures other useful garden tools like rakes, watering cans, floral shears and weeders. Pick the Sit-n-Store caddy and seat for the handy carting and storage of garden supplies, or one of five rain barrels for collecting water to use in the garden.

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