Homemade Apple Votives


One of the best parts of having a home is decorating it. Making your own decorations can make it much more personal and warm, especially when using candles. You can turn your apple votives into a floating candle holiday centerpiece or jazz them up with scented candles of cinnamon or apple. These candle holders are quick and inexpensive.

Step 1

Place the tea light on the top of the apple and trace around it with a sharp knife. Remove the tea light and cut down to the depth of the tea light candle.

Step 2

Scrape out the apple inside the trace mark to the depth of the cut with a melon baller. Keep the edges of the apple as smooth as possible.

Step 3

Pour some lemon juice into each hole and swirl it around until the entire cut part of the apple has been covered. The lemon juice will keep the cut apple from turning brown right away.

Step 4

Place the tea candles in the holes in the apples and arrange them on a glass dish. Light the candles carefully, making sure the candles are not close to anything flammable.

Things You'll Need

  • Apples in different colors
  • Round glass cake or serving dish
  • Scented tea candles
  • Sharp knife
  • Melon baller
  • Lemon juice


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