How to Grow Grape Vines in Containers


Planting grape vines in containers makes it easier to monitor the vines as they grow. It also means you can plant them in every region of the country, leaving them outside during warm weather and bringing them inside when the cold weather comes. Growing a grape vine in a container will help you produce an attractive and productive plant for your home.

Step 1

Fill a gallon-sized plastic or wooden pot with a good, silt loam potting soil. Make sure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom. Plant a grape vine seedling, bare root plant or cutting in the pot.

Step 2

Place the container outdoors in full sun. Water the grape vines deeply, keeping the soil moist through the growing season. Do not let the potting soil get soggy.

Step 3

Fertilize with fish emulsion two to three times during the growing season. Beginning after growth starts, use this fertilizer, following the directions on the package for application instructions. Do not fertilize after mid-summer.

Step 4

Place a stake in the pot and secure the vine to it as it begins to grow. When fruit comes thin the fruit clusters, leaving only one or two clusters on the vine. Any more than this will weigh down the young vine. As the vine grows older and stronger you can allow more clusters to grow.

Step 5

Prune the vine in winter when the plant is dormant. Find the season's new growth and cut it back so it only has one or two buds on it. Cut right outside the bud.

Things You'll Need

  • Gallon-sized plastic or wooden container
  • Silt loam potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears


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