How to Care for Rose Abelias


Rose abelia (Abelia ---grandiflora), also known as rose creek abelia, is a dwarf form of the old favorite abelia bush. Rose abelia, an evergreen that will reach about 3 feet at maturity, is a showstopper with crimson stems and clusters of sweet-smelling white flowers that will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. The flowers continue to bloom from May until the first frost, then the foliage turns a bright shade of purple during the winter months. Rose abelia is cold hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9.

Step 1

Water rose abelia only during hot, dry weather. Water deeply and slowly at the base of the shrub, using a garden hose or a drip system. Water again when the top of the soil is completely dry.

Step 2

Spread 3 to 4 inches of mulch around the shrub to keep the roots cool during hot weather, retain moisture and deter weeds. Leave a 6-inch ring uncovered around the trunk to prevent mulch from piling against the wood.

Step 3

Fertilize the shrub in late winter or early spring, using a general purpose liquid or granular fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer according to the directions on the label.

Step 4

Prune rose abelia in late winter or early spring. Trim the plant to retain the desired size and shape. Remove any dead or spindly branches.


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