Advantages of Amazoy Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass produces a dense system of grass blades and roots. Easily recognized in the winter since the grass turns brown after frost, zoysia grass can be used in residential landscapes and commercial settings. Amazoy, also known as Z-52, is a registered trademark name for a special blend of zoysia grass available in plugs cut from sod strips or in sprig form. Amazoy zoysia grass has several characteristics that make it well-suited to its common role of covering athletic fields.

Planting Zones

Amazoy zoysia grass can thrive in the the lower half of the continental United Sates. Amazoy zoysia grass can tolerate most soil types and does well on hills to help control erosion. The sturdy nature of the grass makes it ideal for golf courses and athletic fields.

Weather Tolerant

Amazoy zoysia is a cold-tolerant perennial grass. Though the grass does turn brown after the first autumn frost hits and temperatures drop in the fall, Amazoy zoysia grass will turn green again in the spring. In warmer climates, Amazoy zoysia can also grow in the shade. Amazoy zoysia is not negatively impacted by salt spray, making it suitable for landscapes near the ocean.


Amazoy zoysia is slow to grow, so the grass needs cutting less frequently than other grass types like blue grass. With deep roots and far-extending runners that can reach moisture typical grasses cannot, Amazoy needs less frequent watering.

Weed and Pest Resistant

There is usually no need to apply herbicides or pesticides on Amazoy zoysia grass. The dense root system of Amazoy zoysia grass can choke out weeds and unfavorable rogue grass. Amazoy zoysia is also disease and insect resistant.

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