How to Use a Banana as a Soil Amendment


Amending your soil allows you to add all natural ingredients to it that will help your plants or vegetables grow. Organic materials such as leftover fruits and vegetables make great soil amendments. Bananas and their peels, for example, add extra potassium and phosphorus to the soil. There are two ways you can use bananas to amend the soil. You can create a mulch with them, or you can use them in your compost.

As a Mulch

Step 1

Grind banana peels into small pieces in a blender.

Step 2

Add the pieces to the soil as you plant your spring garden to encourage healthy growth.

Step 3

Sprinkle pieces on top of the soil after planting to discourage aphid infestation.

As Compost

Step 1

Cut your banana peels into 1-inch pieces.

Step 2

Toss the banana peels in with your organic materials layer of your compost pile. Compost piles have three layers: organic materials, fertilizer and soil.

Step 3

Toss your compost pile once per week to keep the air circulating in it. This helps the ingredients, including the banana peels, to decompose faster.

Step 4

Water your compost pile once per week to keep it moist until it is brown and flaky, indicating it is ready to use.

Step 5

Mix the compost in with the top layer of soil in your flower or vegetable garden. This will amend the soil and help you produce a healthy crop.

Things You'll Need

  • Banana peels
  • Plastic zipper bags
  • Blender
  • Scissors


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