How to Hang Ceramic Plant Holders


Add beauty to your home with hanging plants. You can hang any plant you want--whether it is an ivy or fern, or one with flowers that bloom all summer long. Choose a spot with the lighting that the plant requires. If it needs sun, pick a south- or west-facing window. Installing a plant hook into the ceiling in this area will give you somewhere to keep the plant, without it taking up a tabletop. If you are able to find a wooden joist, you can use a hook on its own. If you cannot, you'll need a toggle to add support for the plant's weight.

Step 1

Put the house plant on a scale. Knowing how much it weighs will allow you to buy a hook or toggle that will support its weight.

Step 2

Set a ladder up in the spot where you will hang the plant. This will help you drill the hole and attach the hook without straining your arms or back.

Step 3

Knock along the ceiling to find a joist to attach the hook to. You can also use a stud finder if it is easier. Follow the manufacturer directions.

Step 4

Tap the screw that is attached to the hook into the ceiling, where the joist is located. This will get the hook started. Screw the hook in, twisting it. Make sure it is tight, but don't make it too tight or you may crack the drywall.

Step 5

Install a toggle anchor if you cannot locate a joist. The anchor will support the weight of the ceramic planter.

Step 6

Put the ceramic pot and plant in the hanger. Hold the hanger up with your hand and adjust the straps if it isn't straight.

Step 7

Attach the ring or loop that is on the top of the plant hanger to the hook in the ceiling. Hold the bottom of the plant container while you hang it, in case it falls.

Step 8

Remove your hands from the ceramic pot slowly. Keep them underneath the container in case it is too heavy for the hook. Once you feel confident the pot and plant are safe, climb down the ladder.

Tips and Warnings

  • Hang the ceramic plant in an area where it won't be disturbed by people.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant
  • Scale
  • Ladder
  • Stud finder
  • Plant hook with screw attached
  • Toggle, if necessary
  • Plant hanger
  • Hammer


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