Care & Maintenance of Potted Palms


Palm trees add a tropical feeling to their surroundings, since they grow naturally in tropical areas around the world. Many varieties of palms grow well in containers you can place inside your home or outdoors on patios or balconies. Grown for its exotic and ornamental foliage, potted palms require regular care to thrive and mature fully. Potted palm maintenance calls for the same type of care you provide your houseplants. Spend the time needed to maintain your container palms properly for years of enjoyment.

Step 1

Place the potted palm in an area with indirect sunlight. Keep the palm away from drafts from windows, doors or vents.

Step 2

Water the palm until it drains from the bottom of the container. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering the palm again during the growing season. Water your container palm less often through the winter.

Step 3

Apply a fertilizer designed for palms as directed when the palm is growing. Do not fertilize container palms from late fall until spring.

Step 4

Move the potted palm outside for the summer, if possible, or during a rain to cleanse the foliage and soil. Keep the container palm out of direct sunlight if placed outside.

Step 5

Re-pot the palm every two to three years, if roots fill the container. Use a rich, well-draining growing media in the new container or a mixture of top-quality soil with peat, sand, leaf mold or loam.

Things You'll Need

  • Palm fertilizer


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Who Can Help

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