How to Care for a Potted Vine or Plant


Potted plants and vines require specific care in order to thrive in their limited environment. Many potted plants aren't frost tolerant, so must be placed inside the home or brought indoors before winter cold damages them. Vines can be grown in pots-either climbing a support or trailing over the edge of the pot or a hanging basket. Plants are usually self-supporting and require no support in order to grow straight and tall.

Step 1

Place the pot in an area that receives the amount of light recommended for the particular plant or vine variety. Most foliage vines and and plants require about 4 hours of sun a day, while flowering plants require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

Step 2

Set the plant in a location that provides the proper temperature for the plant type. In general, place plants and vines in area with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees F, though most plants can tolerate slightly higher temperatures.

Step 3

Install support systems, such as stakes, while the plant is young, so the support doesn't sever or damage the roots in the pots. Tie vines loosely to the support with cloth plant ties as they grow to train them to the support.

Step 4

Water the soil when the top 1 inch of soil begins to feel dry, unless otherwise indicated for the plant variety. Water at the base of the plant and avoid wetting the foliage. Irrigate until the excess water drains from the bottom of the pot and into the drip tray, then empty the drip tray after watering.

Step 5

Fertilize plants and vines when they are actively producing new growth, usually in spring and summer. Apply a soluble houseplant fertilizer at the rate recommended on the package. Use fertilizer formulated for foliage or flowering plants, depending on the type of vine or plant you are growing.

Step 6

Pinch off the top ½ inch from each vine stem in spring when the plant begins actively growing. Pinching encourages branching and prevents the vine from growing too long. Plants also benefit from pinching, as it leads to a fuller, better mounding plant.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never apply fertilizer to dry soil or to a plant that is suffering stress from lack of water, too much water or insect damage. Allow the plant to return to health before resuming fertilization.

Things You'll Need

  • Stakes
  • Plant ties
  • Fertilizer


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  • Texas A&M Extension: House Plants
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