Townhouse Lawn Care Tips

Large yards and landscapes create the need for time-consuming yardwork. While smaller yards, such as those surrounding townhouses, require less time to maintain, they also carry their own set of concerns. Although fences may help to make good neighbors, these structures don't always fit well in small townhouse yards, leaving the borders of your lawn mingling with your neighbors' yards. Caring for your townhouse lawn requires making your space your own and protecting it from nearby weeds, pests and other unattractive conditions.

Define Your Space

Place a border between your lawn and the neighbors on both sides. Consider incorporating some long flower beds in these sections. Check with your neighborhood association to determine which rules govern your landscape design. Some associations limit your ability to install planters, shrubs and trees. For areas where your lawn abuts to your neighbors' lawns, insert a vertical weed barrier. Tamp this metal or plastic strip down into the soil, leaving just the rolled top remaining on the surface to avoid damaging your lawnmower.

Water Your Lawn

Set your sprinklers to apply water to the edges of your yard, without extending into your neighbors' yards. Water your lawn regularly to enhance its appearance and boost its defenses against weed and pest infestations. Allow the surface of your grass to dry between waterings, while keeping the area near the roots slightly moist. Your grass variety, as well as your climate, will help you determine the correct amount of water to apply. Most lawn grasses require about an inch of water every week.

Mow Your Grass

Maintain the length of your lawn with regular mowing sessions. Set the height of your mower to the upper recommended level for your type of grass, cutting less than one-third the length of the grass blades in a single cutting. Depending on your type of grass, you may need to mow about once each week. Mow an even edge against the areas where your lawn borders your neighbors' lawns.

Trim Up Edges

Manicure your lawn with a string trimmer near structures, such as the foundation of your townhouse, planters and tree trunks. This step will keep your lawn looking tidy and neat. Trim the grass even with the surrounding grass to encourage a level surface.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilize your lawn in the spring when it becomes evenly green. Select a nitrogen fertilizer labeled for use with your variety of grass. Use a blend of fertilizer and weed killer to treat areas that contain invasive weeds.

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