How to Plant Dahlias in Mass


Dahlias range drastically in size and appearance. They grow 1 to 6 feet high, producing flowers anywhere from 2 to 12 inches in diameter in red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and white. Some flowers have stripes and some are all one color, while others are tipped with a different color. Planting these flowers in a mass provides an attractive and varied flower bed for your garden.

Step 1

Apply 2 to 4 inches of organic compost to the soil in a planting area with full sun and well-draining, slightly acidic, sandy loam soil. Mix it in to the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Mix in 2 tbsp. fertilizer marked 8-8-8 for every square foot of land.

Step 2

Dig a large hole, 8 to 10 inches deep and wide enough to incorporate all the dahlia tubers. Space large dahlias 3 to 4 feet apart and small dahlias 2 feet apart. Place a stake in each spot where you will plant a flower tuber. The stakes will support the flowers as they grow .

Step 3

Refill 6 inches of soil into the hole. This will provide loosened soil for the roots to break through. Lay the tubers down 3 to 4 inches from the stakes with the eyes facing upwards

Step 4

Add the rest of the soil into the hole and tamp down firmly. Water deeply to settle the soil and eliminate any air bubbles.

Things You'll Need

  • Organic compost
  • Spade
  • Fertilizer
  • Stakes


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