How to Make a Centerpiece of White Flowers With a Candle


Centerpieces can set off the table setting and create an atmosphere for you dinner, especially when candles are used. The centerpiece can be simple or simply elegant, depending on the type of dinner party you are having. One type or another of fresh white flowers can be found most times of the year, but if you can't find any, the craft stores will have many different kinds of silk white flowers. For a wedding or christening you may want a white candle too, but in most cases you will want to set off the centerpiece with color.

Step 1

Soak the floral foam in a sink full of water until it turns a dark green, then place it on a rack until the water stops dripping.

Step 2

Cut a strip of the trash bag long enough to go around the bottom of the foam and wide enough to come up each side 1/2 inch. Pin the plastic on the sides so the bottom is completely covered. This will prevent the moisture from wetting your tablecloth.

Step 3

Place ribbon around the sides of the foam, and pin it into place with straight pins. You can use a color to match your candles or white if you are trying to keep the entire centerpiece white. There are many different textures of ribbon, so choose one to match the mood of the centerpiece. Allow 6 to 10 inches of ribbon to hang off the foam and shape the bottoms of the ribbon.

Step 4

Place three taper candle holders on one side of the centerpiece and offset by placing two on the other side. Floral candle holders have spikes on the bottom to hold them into the foam.

Step 5

Use stems of baby's breath to cover the foam. Push the stems into the foam so you can't see too much of the green foam.

Step 6

Insert your candles into the holders. It will be a little harder to work on with the candles in, but you will have a hard time finding them if you wait until all the flowers are in.

Step 7

Cut the flower stems at different lengths, and pull off any foliage if you do not want green in your centerpiece; leave them on if you want a little color. Push each stem into the foam firmly. Use a few types of flowers to give the centerpiece interest, since it will be all white. Fill the foam form on the inside and outside edge and the entire top.

Things You'll Need

  • White flowers in season, such as roses, carnations and mums
  • Fresh or dried baby's breath
  • Floral scissors
  • Floral foam in the shape you desire, such as heart or ring
  • White trash bag
  • Ribbon
  • Straight pins
  • Floral pins
  • Taper candles
  • Floral candle holders


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