Vegetable Varieties for Square Foot Gardens

Square foot gardening is a practical, easy solution for gardeners who want to grow their own crops in a limited amount of space. The square foot garden is easy to maintain and requires less water than a normal sized garden. Build a square foot garden out of wood, using boards to form a grid of 1-by-1 foot boxes. Fill the boxes with a soil medium and plant various fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs in the boxes.

Root Crops

The square foot garden is an ideal location for a large variety of root crops. Certain root crops require more space to grow than others. According to the University of Kentucky, each potato, horseradish, sweet potato and ginger plant requires their own 1-by-1 foot box. Plant up to nine beet plants, turnip plants or cloves of garlic in a 1-by-1 foot box. Grow 16 carrot, onion, radish or green onion plants in a 1-square-foot box.


Leaf vegetables and beans thrive when planted in square foot gardens. Plant one tomato, cucumber, artichoke, eggplant, pepper and broccoli plant per square foot box. Cabbage, kale, and squash also require a 1-by-1 foot box for each plant. Plant four corn stalks, fava or soy bean plants in a 1-square-foot box. Grow four lettuce, spinach and chard plants in a 1-by-1 foot box. Plant nine pea plants, string beans or spinach plants per 1-square-foot box.


A variety of fruits and melons will thrive when grown in a square foot garden. Plant one watermelon plant per each 1-by-1 square box. Varieties of muskmelon, or cantaloupe grow well in the confines of a square foot garden. Plant one melon plant per each square foot box. The University of Kentucky states that strawberries adapt well to the square foot garden method; plant four strawberry plants in a 1-by-1 foot square box.

Herbs and Flowers

Create an attractive square foot herbal garden by planting various herbs in the garden boxes. Plant four parsley, mint, oregano or cilantro plants in 1-by-1 foot squares. A large variety of flowers thrive when planted in square foot gardens. Since vegetable and herbs require at least six hours of sun each day, choose flowers that grow best in full sun. Petunias, geraniums, marigolds and zinnia are good choices for a square foot garden. Plant one of each flower per one square-foot box.

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