Lily & Orchid Bouquets


Lilies and orchids are good choices for bridal bouquets: they don't have prickly thorns that need to be removed, plus they retain moisture well for a long-lasting bouquet. Select orchid varieties, like Cymbidium and Anthurium, that have heavy, waxy flowers that can last for weeks as cut stems. Flowers with long stems, like lilies and orchids, can be made into trendy hand-tied bouquets. A hand-tied bouquet is simple to make and only requires string, flowers and a decorative ribbon to finish it off.

Step 1

Trim 1/2 inch off the flower stems, remove any extra foliage, and place in water for at least an hour before starting the bouquet.

Step 2

Remove lilies and orchids from the water and place on a work surface. Select the largest flower to be the center of the bouquet.

Step 3

Grasp the central flower about 6 inches from the base of the flower. Add greenery to frame the flower if desired. Wrap string around the stems to bind them together. Do not cut the string at this point.

Step 4

Hold the bouquet in one hand and add five or six more flowers around the central flower at a 45-degree angle. Keep turning the bouquet as you work. Hold new flowers in place by twisting the string around their stems. Don't cut the string.

Step 5

Continue to add layers of flowers to the bouquet until it has reached the desired size. Remember to wrap the new stems with string at each layer. Finish with a layer of greenery if desired. Cut the string.

Step 6

Trim the ends of the lilies, orchids and greenery to about 6 inches. Spritz the flowers with water. If the bouquet is being made in advance, place the flowers in water to keep them fresh. Right before the bouquet is needed, wrap the stems with a wide decorative ribbon and tie with a simple bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Greenery (optional)
  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Scissor
  • Container for water
  • Water sprayer


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