Growing Vegetable Seedlings for Market


Growing seedlings and selling them can aid you in earning extra money for your household. Once the business is established and the earnings are high enough, you have a full-time career that you created yourself. A greenhouse is not necessary to start this type of business, but it will be useful when you are earning enough money to live on. A roadside stand, or even tables set up under a canopy, provide a place for selling the seedlings once they are established.

Getting Ready to Sell

Step 1

Begin by purchasing what is necessary to start the business. Look for organic soils and compost to start the seeds in, and pick up plenty of it. Order organic, heirloom seeds for the best productivity, especially those for popular vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumber. Find sources for purchasing items such as plastic seed trays and grow lights, and be sure that you have some work gloves available. Go to city hall while you are out running errands and be sure that you have any licenses or permits that are necessary, and set up a simple record keeping system.

Step 2

Mix the soil and compost to a 1:1 ratio and begin filling the trays. Use your finger to place an indentation in each compartment of the seed tray, and place a seed into each indentation at the depth mentioned on the seed packet. Cover the seeds lightly with soil, and dampen the soil with water. Place heat mats under the trays if they are available, or use place the trays under grow lights, in front of windows or in homemade cold frames to allow them to get an early start. Placing them in mini greenhouses will also work. Keep the seedlings moist, but not too wet. Check them once or twice a day. Read the seed packets so that you will know exactly how much water each type of seed will require.

Step 3

Set up your selling area when the seedlings are established enough to sell. Put up signs on community bulletin boards so that people will know that you are selling and where from. Put a sign up by the road where the tables are set up that tell customers what is for sale and for how much. Start with the strongest-looking seedlings, and save the others for later sales. Place them on the display areas, and be sure that the soil is moist but not so wet that they will leak all over the customers' vehicles. Be prepared to discuss the seedlings, where the seeds came from and how to go about planting and caring for them.

Things You'll Need

  • Organic soil
  • Organic compost
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Seed trays
  • Grow lights
  • Work gloves
  • License or permit
  • Record keeping system
  • Heat mats
  • Cold frames
  • Mini greenhouses


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