Hemerocallis Everblooming Varieties

Hemerocallis is the botanical name for daylilies. There are many Hemerocallis everblooming varieties available today. The main difference between standard Hemerocallis and Hemerocallis everblooming varieties is the length of bloom. Some re-blooming Hemerocallis will bloom on and off again all summer long; however, the Hermerocallis everblooming varieties typically begin blooming in June and do not stop until the first frost. Hemerocallis prefers growing in full to part-sun, although some do fine in shade.

Hemerocallis Apricot Sparkles

Hemerocallis Apricot Sparkles is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 9. These Hemerocallis everblooming varieties are an introduction from Dr. Darrell Apps’ breeding program. The 3-inch apricot flowers glisten in the sun, making it the perfect plant to accompany purple flowers such as lavender, catmint, salvia or Russian Sage. The flower stalks can reach up to 2 feet tall and have as many as 10 flowers on each stem.

Hemerocallis Ruby Stella

Hemerocallis Ruby Stella is an excellent choice for gardeners in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9. It is a dwarf variety, reaching just 20 inches tall. The ruby red flowers are attractive to both hummingbirds and butterflies. These particular Hemerocallis everblooming varieties are also fragrant. Ruby Stella makes a wonderful front-of-the-border plant. Once established, it is drought resistant, making it a good choice for gardeners who do not want to spend a lot of time or resources watering their gardens.

Hemerocallis Stella D’Oro

Hemerocallis Stella D’Oro is one of the most popular daylilies because it is a reliable everblooming daylily. In 1985, Hemerocallis Stella D’Oro was the winner of the Stout Silver Medal from the American Hemerocallis Society. Stella D'Oro has a short compact habit, reaching a mere 12 inches high, making it the perfect edging plant. They are also good choices for container gardens. The foliage is narrow, giving it a grass-like appearance. The 2 to 3 inch gold, trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers add a bright burst of color to partially shaded gardens. These particular Hemerocallis everyblooming varieties are among the first dayliles to bloom, typically in mid-June. They are drought resistant and work well in alpine or rock gardens. Stella D’Oro is also rabbit-resistant. Hemerocallis Stella D’Oro is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 9. Remove spent blooms daily to encourage it to continue putting blooms out. Spent blooms left on the plant may turn to seed, which would interfere with the prolific blooms this plant is known for.

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