How to Plant Fava Beans on All Saints Day


All Saints Day, Nov. 1, is often associated with fava beans because of the belief they bring luck. A cool weather crop like broccoli and cabbage, fava beans grow well in temperate and subtropical climates of the United States. Growing fava beans on All Saints Day allows you to make the symbolic gesture to grow luck in your environment, as well as a tasty ingredient for salads, soups and entrees.

Step 1

Fill a medium to large planter about halfway full of potting soil.

Step 2

Add about an inch of peat moss to the top of the potting soil. This provides moisture retention and a medium the fava beans can sprout through.

Step 3

Insert a fava bean seed about 1/4 inch into the peat moss. Repeat with up to five seeds for a medium to large container. Sow only one seed in small containers.

Step 4

Pour about five cups of clean, cool water into the planter.

Step 5

Sit the planter outside on your front porch or in a windowsill in your kitchen. You can also place the planter in your garden if you have one.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant container
  • Potting soil
  • Peat moss
  • Fava bean seeds


  • Fava/Broad Beans
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