Wood Yard Sign Project Ideas

Working with wood is a satisfying hobby, but you don't have to be an expert to create wooden signs for your garden. Use them for a practical purpose to remember what types of vegetables are planted, where the spring bulb flowers were blooming or just for fun. A few supplies such as craft sticks, paint stirrers, spray paint and markers are all you need to create a stash of signs.

Plant Markers

Many seedlings look alike, and it can be confusing to remember where you planted the carrots as opposed to the onions, whether those beans are yellow or green, bush or pole. Wooden signs that tell what the plants are solve the problem. Use craft sticks for markers that will last only for the season. Mark the name of the plant and the date it was planted. Make more permanent markers with wooden paint stirrers. Paint stirrers are larger and thicker than craft sticks so they'll last longer. They won't break as easily. Spray the markers green to blend into the landscape or bright colors to blend in with the flowers. Permanent markers are useful to show where spring bulbs are planted. When the bulbs die back, you won't accidentally dig them up.

Welcome Signs

Even if you're the only one who visits the garden, it still is nice to be welcomed. Use scrap wood and burn a welcome message on the wood using wood burning tools. Attach to a cross post and sink in the entryway to the garden. If you have a bit of artistic talent, carve the message into the wood and add a few painted flowers to the sign. As the color of the flowers fades the sign will look more rustic. Of course, you can always paint the message freehand or use letter stencils.


Celebrate the holidays in your garden with signs. Paint a flag on a rectangular piece of wood for Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. A wood sign with the back of a bunny, including fluffy white tail, is a darling Bunny Trail sign for Easter or spring. Use two twigs for antlers attached to the sign for a Reindeer Crossing sign for Christmas. Add a triangle in the shape of a witch's hat to the sign for a Witches Have the Right of Way sign for Halloween.


Use smaller signs in hidden areas of the garden for fantasy creatures. A pile of rocks with a small indentation that looks like a cave could be marked as a Gnome Home. A cactus garden becomes a Dragon Lair with a sign that proclaims it so. Choose from elves, trolls (friendly ones of course) and fairies.

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