How to Buy Anthurium


Native to South and Central America, anthurium plants provide long-lasting and colorful spathes, or curled, modified leaves that surround a white flower cluster. These may be red, pink, white or green. The plant's large, heart-shaped leaves are dark green and waxy, adding color contrast and visual interest. Anthuriums make attractive houseplants because they provide bright, long lasting color. When selecting an anthurium plant for your home, spend time making sure the plant is healthy and pest free.

Step 1

Inspect the plant container, checking whether it is cracked or torn. A cracked container suggests potential root damage from poor handling, so avoid purchasing these.

Step 2

Look over the leaves on the anthurium plants. Healthy leaves will be bright green and waxy. If plants have leaves that are yellow or brown, or if you can see tears, blotches or insect pests, do not buy the plant.

Step 3

Check the anthurium flowers, selecting only plants with the color flower you want and with a mix of open and closed buds. This allows you to enjoy the plant now and to expect future blooms later.

Tips and Warnings

  • Anthurium plants are poisonous.


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